I'm the same, ...
... the same one that yesterday cared for his best voice!
I am the same one, ...
... that to the four winds told his condition,
I am the same, the same, the same!!!
With the same...
... heart!!!
Well, with my songs I've come to realize that what I look for ...
... is to somehow awake social consciousness.
And that everyone within their surroundings and possibilities, can do something to improve.
For this cause I'm here, and I sharpen my "machete" to demand ...
... that we be respected,
that they reconsider...
There is a definite commitment, there is a responsibility;
tendencies, to just do things for,
for the common good.
I never received my license plates,
I was going crazy at home,
Lopez Obrador as a mailman,
and I haven't gotten my set.
"El mañanero" is a very interesting job that came about with the interest of ...
... achieving that the songs also communicate and transmit ...
... and give a context to the news themselves.
Is like making a cartoon of something that is going on
of some important event, of something interesting,
and this way, well, you contribute to enrich,
above all, the show "El mañanero".
Muggings, frauds, narcosaurus,
corrupted people at all levels;
consumated opportunists,
skilled at the art of stealing;
they take as much as they can.
Anyway, the motherland keeps on providing ...
The process of doing this kind of job has its charm,
because you have to be aware of what is happening, right?
You have to read, to be well informed and well, sometimes you,
as a mere inhabitant of a society, you have to be up to date, well;
is like an obligation or that is how I felt about it,
and within my job, which is to communicate with the songs,
it becomes more interesting and necessary.
...and the song begins to be created at 4:30 or 5 AM
.. bleakness ... with the children ...
Let's have a coffee!!
one, two, ..., four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
The song must be completed by 9 AM, both, lyrics and music,
And well, the idea is to present the song on that day
and that it has to do with the news, with any important happening.
The cost is high once again
whom should we point to
the line of neglect, meanwhile
you don't know where to locate it.
Another massacre, planting fear...
We finally have him today, here with us!!, the musical editorialist;
the only one of its kind in a news program, we have him,
Because only he can do it:
Coming up, David Filio:
Sadness that arises in kids' faces,
fear, confusion...
... and as they grow, they will be hatching ...
... fresh revenge, among their hands,
to settle the score for their indignation.
They will be able to find the guilty ones
and make them pay for what they have done.
But the postponement of these plagues, comes dragging indigestion
from past years, with interests, intermingling bread and fish
that were not given in the miracle of multiplication.
Victims of hunger and marginalisation,
victims in the middle of confusion,
victims of the Country, that put an end to their lives.
Today they are victims of yet another case, that shall attend forgetfulness,
today they are victims of yet another case, that shall attend forgetfulness.
Brozo: Master!!
Capitan Guarnís: Bravo!!
Brozo: Corea applauds you, ¡Master David!
David Filio: Thanks a lot, that is very kind of you.
Brozo: It's amazing! ...
... both the American and Asian continents
applaud the same artist, David Filio, go figure!
To Filio, the master!!
David Filio: Oh my! What a thrill!
Brozo: David, receive all of our love and hugs, my brother!
David: The same to you my friend and to all of the people who are with me...
... in this beautiful place called Corea, receive my love and my songs.
This is then, the contribution that I am making
so that within the news programs music can be present contributing with, well: news!
I have been thinking about my work, what it is worth and ...
... how difficult it is to display it for people to see and to water it with patience
To be always hanging on false appearances
That would jeopardize, from mediocre purchase-sales.